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Knowledge-Based Design of Scheduling Systems Jrgen Sauer

Summary: 1
Knowledge-Based Design of Scheduling Systems
Jürgen Sauer
Universität Oldenburg, FB Informatik
Escherweg 2
D-26121 Oldenburg, Germany
A Scheduling system shall support the human scheduler in his daily work in creating and revising
schedules of the production. Several criteria influence the requirements for such a system, e.g., the area
of production and the preferences of the producing company as well as the need for presentation of
specific information and sophisticated scheduling algorithms. Most of the existing scheduling systems
have been built from scratch. To improve the building of scheduling systems an intelligent support
system for the implementation of hybrid scheduling systems is presented which integrates different
scheduling techniques, knowledge about their appropriateness for specific problem scenarios and
knowledge about the design of scheduling systems. Using this knowledge it helps the user designing
adequate scheduling systems for different application scenarios.
1. Introduction
The scheduling of production processes of a manufacturing enterprise is one of the significant tasks to
be performed to achieve competitive production, which means e.g., to deliver products in time or to use


Source: Appelrath, Hans-Jürgen - Department für Informatik, Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences