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CS 6890 Game Theory Summer 2005 Exam 2

Summary: CS 6890 Game Theory
Summer 2005 Exam 2
Fill in the blank (1 point each)
1. A set of nodes representing the locations a player COULD be in at a single moment in time is called
the __information set_____________________________________________________.
2. If it is player 2's turn at a give node, we say the node ____belongs________________ to player 2.
3. If there are no dotted lines in the game tree, the game is one of ____perfect information.___.
4. If one player knows more information than another player, we call this ___one-sided uncertainty
5. A _________belief______________________________________ assigns probabilities to all nodes
in the information sets of the player.
6. To convey information, use an action that is a credible ___signal________________ something that
would not be desirable if the circumstances were otherwise.
7. When a bargain fails, we say each party gets the value of the _disagreement point
8. When you make an offer to divide a pie and no one gets anything if the offer is not accepted, it is
termed __take it or leave it (ultimatum)________________________________________.
Multiple Choice (It is intended that there is a single best answer. Feel free to write an
explanation if you think there is not a best answer.)
1. You are dividing an ice cream pie. At each stage, 1/10 of the pie melts. What should be offered in


Source: Allan, Vicki H. - Department of Computer Science, Utah State University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences