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Job Seeking Skills for Engineers: the Use of Role play in a Learning Jean Armstrong

Summary: Job Seeking Skills for Engineers: the Use of Role play in a Learning
Jean Armstrong
Department of Electronic Engineering, La Trobe University
Linda Wilkins
School of Management Information Systems, Deakin University
Pat Watson
Course and Careers Service, La Trobe University
ABSTRACT: This paper describes the use of role-play to enhance job-seeking skills. The role-play is
part of a subject taken by third year electronic engineering students. The subject is designed to develop
life-long learning skills, written and oral communication skills and job seeking skills all in an engineering
context. The whole subject is based on the technical theme of the digital mobile telephone system.
Throughout this subject the emphasis is on developing skills which will be useful to students throughout
their careers, rather than the short term goal of completing the required assignments. In the job seeking
skills component, the students all submit applications for a vacation experience position with a (fictitious)
mobile telephone company. Students then role-play a selection committee. They read and rank
applications written by other students. This is followed by interviews for some of the short-listed
applicants. The job seeking skills component is a successful learning exercise because it consists of
activities that deliberately cater for the full educational spectrum -concrete, reflective, abstract and active
learners. The subject is highly successful both in terms of student evaluations and in developing the job


Source: Armstrong, Jean - Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering, Monash University


Collections: Engineering