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MAT 310 Fall 2009 Extra Credit Assignment

Summary: MAT 310 Fall 2009
Extra Credit Assignment
This set of projects is intended to help students boost their final grade. Please note the following
important rules/guidelines:
· Pick one and only one project. Do not submit anything but the project you have chosen to work
· The project is due Wednesday, 12/16 at 12:00 pm in my office (Math building 3-104). Make sure
to be on time, as late projects will not be accepted. Of course if you can't come in on Wednesday
or have a final at the time this is due, you can always submit early. Staple the assignment and
submit a hard copy; please do not email.
· You must type the project, including all formulę. Write concisely and clearly in complete
sentences. Please include a cover page with your name, ID, recitation section and project you
have chosen.
· The project must be entirely your own work. You may consult the course textbook and other
written textbooks, but you may not use the internet or speak to anyone. Include a list of the
sources you did use, including page numbers. The only person you may consult about anything
related to the project is me, and I'll only answer general questions such as whether you may
consult a particular source or whether there is a typo in a problem. Email me any questions:
· After finishing the project please print (by hand!) the following statement: I promise that this


Source: Anderson, Michael - Department of Mathematics, SUNY at Stony Brook


Collections: Mathematics