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Routing and Scheduling in Multihop Wireless Networks with TimeVarying Channels

Summary: Routing and Scheduling in Multihop Wireless Networks with
Time­Varying Channels
Matthew Andrews # Lisa Zhang #
We study routing and scheduling in multihop wireless
networks. When data is transmitted from its source
node to its destination node it may go through other
wireless nodes as intermediate hops. The data trans­
mission is node constrained, i.e. every node can trans­
mit data to at most one neighboring node per time step.
The transmission rates are time varying as a result of
the changing wireless channel conditions.
In this paper we assume that the data arrivals and
transmission rates are governed by an adversary. The
power of the adversary is limited by an admissibility
condition which forbids the adversary from overloading
any wireless node a priori. The node constrained trans­
mission and the time­varying nature of the transmission
rates make our model di#erent from and harder than
the standard adversarial queueing model which relates


Source: Andrews, Matthew - Mathematics of Networks and Systems, Mathematical Sciences Research Center, Bell Laboratories


Collections: Mathematics; Computer Technologies and Information Sciences