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On the aspectual interactions between verbs and noun D. MollAliod

Summary: 1
On the aspectual interactions between verbs and noun
D. Mollá­Aliod
1. Introduction
In this paper a formal analysis of the aspectual interactions between the verb and the noun phrases
(Nps) of simple sentences will be introduced. It is not my purpose to go into detail. Rather, all the
concepts will be introduced in an intuitive fashion, and the mathematical expressions will be used only
for completeness purposes.
The approach here developed will be based on lattices, in a way which is very similar to
Krifka's approach in Krifka (1989b). First of all, the problem will be specified in terms of the
aspectual distinction between telic and atelic sentences. The influence of the Nps on the final aspectual
properties will be shown by means of data examples. Some stress will be put on the fact the Nps may
or may not determine the aspectual property of the sentence, depending on our interpretation of the
sentence itself.
After describing the structure of the world in terms of lattices, tellicity/atelicity will be formally
defined as general properties applying to predicates over events. It will be shown how the same or very
similar properties may apply to predicates over objects, reinforcing the concept that objects and events
are organised into two parallel structures.
The link beteween the objects and the events will be established by means of thematic relations.


Source: Aliod, Diego Mollá - Department of Computing, Macquarie University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences