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Evolutionary diversification of opercle shape in Cook Inlet threespine sticklebackbij_1258 832..844

Summary: Evolutionary diversification of opercle shape in Cook
Inlet threespine sticklebackbij_1258 832..844
Department of Ecology and Evolution, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY 11794-5245, USA
Received 24 October 2008; accepted for publication 31 January 2009
We investigated the evolution of a large facial bone, the opercle (OP), in lake populations of the threespine
stickleback that were founded by anadromous ancestors, in Cook Inlet, Alaska. Recent studies characterized OP
variation among marine and lake populations and mapped a quantitative trait locus with a large influence on OP
shape. Using populations from diverse environments and independent evolutionary histories, we examined
divergence of OP shape from that of the anadromous ancestor. We report preliminary evidence for divergence
between benthic and generalist lake ecotypes, necessitating further investigation. Furthermore, rapid divergence
of OP shape has occurred in a lake population that was founded by anadromous stickleback in the 1980s, which
is consistent with divergence of other phenotypic traits and with OP diversification in other lake populations. By
contrast, there has been limited evolution of OP shape in a second lake population that may have experienced a
genetic bottleneck early in its history and lacks genetic variation for OP divergence. Taken together, the results
obtained from these two populations are consistent with studies of other stickleback phenotypic traits that
implicate ancestral variation in postglacial adaptive radiation of threespine stickleback in fresh water. 2009
The Linnean Society of London, Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 2009, 97, 832844.
ADDITIONAL KEYWORDS: adaptive radiation Gasterosteus aculeatus geometric morphometrics
microevolution parallel evolution rate of evolution.


Source: Aguirre, Windsor E. - Department of Ecology and Evolution, SUNY at Stony Brook


Collections: Biology and Medicine