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Japan Diary Fit The Second

Summary: Japan Diary
Fit The Second
Cathy and David Notkin
1 17 October 1990 Naomi Gets Married
It all started with a fish. A wedding fish.
We had been invited to the wedding of Naomi Ishizeki, a Japanese friend, and Glenn Dale (that's
really his name), a Swiss-Canadian. They got married in Switzerland and are now living in Basel, but came
back for a Japanese ceremony.
We went to a party at Naomi's folks the Saturday before the wedding. Another mutual friend,
Mayumi, arranged to meet us at the ladies cosmetics counter of a nearby department store (guess who
picked the rendezvous spot). We went to the store a little early to look for a white tie for David, since the
standard men's dress at Japanese weddings is a black suit and white tie. Funerals are a black suit and black
tie. A reversable tie would make formal wear even easier. There was a special counter for white ties, with
about forty different styles. We picked up the first and saw it was 5000 yen (about $40), so we looked for
the cheaper ones. Hah! That was the cheapest one. They ranged up to at least $100.
We then met Mayumi and took a taxi to Naomi's, along with Mayumi's sidekick. (We now have
spent the better part of two whole days with the sidekick, but we have never heard her speak a word and
still don't know her name.) Even though Mayumi had a detailed map, it took her and the taxi driver ages to
actually find Naomi's house. This was great for us to see, since we've had similar troubles that we chalked
up almost entirely to language.


Source: Anderson, Richard - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington at Seattle


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences