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CHM 5510 Organic Chemistry 5510 Fall Term 2008 The Research Report

Summary: CHM 5510 Organic Chemistry 5510 Fall Term 2008
The Research Report
The research report should provide an organized, concise, and accurate account of the
experiment performed in the laboratory. Remember that a thoughtful report on a failed experiment
will be better received than an incomplete report on a successful one. It is essential that each
student discuss his/her own experience; the reports are an individual effort and should reflect the
particular student's actions and observations.
A standard format for the reports will be used and modeled after an article in the "Journal of
Organic Chemistry" (JOC). With the availability of computers, a typed written report is
encouraged. Alternatively, neat, hand-written reports will also be accepted. Organic structure
drawing software (MDL ISIS/Draw 2.5 for Windows or MDL ISIS/Draw 2.3 for Macintosh) is
available for free at http://www.mdli.com. You will need to register and then you may download
and use the software. The specific instruction offered to authors by the JOC is modified below to
suit the objectives of CHM 5510 (see http://pubs.acs.org/journals/joceah/index.html for the actual
instruction to authors on the JOC website).
Preparing a Report using JOC format:
The report should be single-spaced with Arial 12 pt, if using a word processor. Hand-written
reports must be blue or black ink only and on college-ruled paper. Reaction schemes describing
previous and current reactions should be included through out the report, where appropriate.
Each scheme should be numbered sequentially and include a brief title. Every organic compound


Source: Andreana, Peter R. - Department of Chemistry, Wayne State University


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