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J. M. Ottino omplex systems can be identified by

Summary: J. M. Ottino
omplex systems can be identified by
what they do (display organization
without a central organizing authori-
ty -- emergence), and also by how they may
or may not be analysed (as decomposing the
system and analysing subparts do not neces-
sarily give a clue as to the behaviour of the
whole). Systems that fall within the scope of
complex systems include metabolic pathways,
ecosystems, the web, the US power grid and
the propagation of HIV infections.
Complex systems have captured the
attention of physicists,biologists,ecologists,
economists and social scientists.Ideas about
complex systems are making inroads in
anthropology, political science and finance.
Many examples of complex networks that
have greatly impacted our lives -- such as


Source: Amaral, Luis A.N. - Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Northwestern University
Ottino, Julio M. - Department of Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University


Collections: Biology and Medicine; Engineering; Materials Science; Physics