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A Polynomial Adaptive Algorithm for LongLived (2k \Gamma 1)Renaming \Lambda

Summary: A Polynomial Adaptive Algorithm
for Long­Lived (2k \Gamma 1)­Renaming \Lambda
Hagit Attiya y Arie Fouren z Eli Gafni x
December 11, 2003
This paper presents an algorithm for long­lived renaming with optimal name space
and polynomial adaptive step complexity. Processes dynamically get and release names
in the range f1; : : : ; 2k \Gamma 1g, where k is the maximal number of processes concurrently
active (the point contention). The algorithm has O(k 3 ) step complexity, where k is the
point contention. Executions with exponential step complexity are constructed for previ­
ously known long­lived renaming algorithms, thus showing that ours is the first long­lived
renaming algorithm with polynomial step complexity.
\Lambda This paper is based on results that appeared in preliminary form in [8] and [20].
y Department of Computer Science, Technion. Work supported by the fund for the promotion of research in
the Technion.
z The Israeli Center for Academic Studies, Kiryat Ono. Part of this work was performed while the author
was at the Department of Computer Science, Technion.
x Department of Computer Science, UCLA.


Source: Attiya, Hagit - Department of Computer Science, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences