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LETTER doi:10.1038/nature09594 Tension directly stabilizes reconstituted

Summary: LETTER doi:10.1038/nature09594
Tension directly stabilizes reconstituted
kinetochore-microtubule attachments
Bungo Akiyoshi1,2
*, Krishna K. Sarangapani3
*, Andrew F. Powers3
*, Christian R. Nelson1
, Steve L. Reichow4
Hugo Arellano-Santoyo1,2,3
, Tamir Gonen4,5
, Jeffrey A. Ranish6
, Charles L. Asbury3
& Sue Biggins1
Kinetochores are macromolecular machines that couple chromo-
somes to dynamic microtubule tips during cell division, thereby
generating force tosegregate thechromosomes1,2
. Accuratesegrega-
tion depends on selective stabilization of correct `bi-oriented'
kinetochore­microtubule attachments, which come under tension


Source: Asbury, Chip - Department of Physiology and Biophysics, University of Washington at Seattle


Collections: Biology and Medicine