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Large-eddy Simulation of Realistic Gas Turbine Combustors , & Apte, S. V.

Summary: Large-eddy Simulation of Realistic Gas Turbine Combustors
Moin, P.
, & Apte, S. V.
Center for Integrated Turbulence Simulations
Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305-3030
December 1, 2005
Large-eddy simulation (LES) is a promising technique for accurate prediction of reacting
multiphase flows in practical gas-turbine combustion chambers involving complex physical phe-
nomena of turbulent mixing and combustion dynamics. This paper discusses development of
advanced models for liquid fuel atomization, droplet evaporation, droplet deformation & drag,
and turbulent combustion specifically for gas-turbine applications. The non-dissipative, yet ro-
bust numerical scheme for arbitrary shaped unstructured grids developed by Mahesh et al. [1]
is modified to account for density variations due to chemical reactions. A systematic validation
and verification study of the individual spray models and the numerical scheme is performed in
canonical and complex combustor geometries. Finally, a multi-scale, multi-physics, turbulent
reacting flow simulation in a real gas-turbine combustor is performed to assess the predictive
capability of the solver.


Source: Apte, Sourabh V. - School of Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering, Oregon State University


Collections: Engineering