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Quick review The question of how scale-free topologies arise can be

Summary: Quick review
ˇ The question of how scale-free topologies arise can be
addressed by network assembly and evolution.
ˇ Barabási-Albert (BA) model
­ Growth - random increase of number of nodes and
edges over time
­ Preferential attachment - nodes with higher degree
have greater probability of acquiring new edge
­ Degree distribution ­ power-law, constant clustering-
degree function, small clustering co-efficient, smaller
path lengths
ˇ Other models ­ non-linear attachment, initial
attractiveness, accelerated growth, aging, fitness , node
Biological network models
Approaches used to understand the mechanisms behind the
evolution of cellular scale-free networks
­ Growth/ preferential attachment models: duplication of
genes, metabolic reactions, recombination, development
­ Comparative genomics/ pathway comparison across


Source: Albert, Réka - Departments of Biology & Physics, Pennsylvania State University


Collections: Biology and Medicine