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Remote Control: Distributed Application Configuration, Management,

Summary: Remote Control: Distributed
Application Configuration, Management,
and Visualization with Plush
Jeannie Albrecht Williams College
Ryan Braud, Darren Dao, Nikolay Topilski, Christopher Tuttle, Alex C. Snoeren,
and Amin Vahdat University of California, San Diego
Support for distributed application management in large-scale networked environments re-
mains in its early stages. Although a number of solutions exist for subtasks of application deploy-
ment, monitoring, maintenance, and visualization in distributed environments, few tools provide a
unified framework for application management. Many of the existing tools address the manage-
ment needs of a single type of application or service that runs in a specific environment, and these
tools are not adaptable enough to be used for other applications or platforms. In this paper, we
present the design and implementation of Plush, a fully configurable application management in-
frastructure designed to meet the general requirements of several different classes of distributed
applications and execution environments. Plush allows developers to specifically define the flow
of control needed by their computations using application building blocks. Through an extensible
resource management interface, Plush supports execution in a variety of environments, including
both live deployment platforms and emulated clusters. To gain an understanding of how Plush
manages different classes of distributed applications, we take a closer look at specific applications


Source: Albrecht, Jeannie - Computer Science Department, Williams College


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences