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Information Rates of Time-Varying Rayleigh Fading Channels in Non-Isotropic Scattering

Summary: Information Rates of Time-Varying Rayleigh
Fading Channels in Non-Isotropic Scattering
Rauf Iqbal, Thushara D. Abhayapala, and Tharaka A. Lamaheva
Department of Telecommunications Engineering
Research School of Information Sciences and Engineering
The Australian National University, ACT 200, AUSTRALIA
{Rauf.Iqbal, Thushara.Abhayapala, Tharaka.Lamaheva}@anu.edu.au
Abstract -- In this contribution a temporally corre-
lated rayleigh fading channel model applicable in gen-
eral scattering environments, with Clarke's isotropic
scattering environment as a special case, is consid-
ered. For a fixed direction of mobile travel, the results
show that the information rate penalty incurred for
not knowing the channel state information (CSI) in
a non-isotropic scattering environment can be signifi-
cantly less than that for the isotropic scattering envi-
ronment for the same average received signal-to-noise
power ratio (SNR). The results show that for a fixed
mean angle of arrival, fading rate and direction of


Source: Abhayapala, Thushara D. - Department of Information Engineering, Australian National University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences