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Research Statement The goal of my research is to improve the security and reliability of software systems through the use of

Summary: Research Statement
Amal Ahmed
The goal of my research is to improve the security and reliability of software systems through the use of
programming language technology. To that end, I am interested both in developing languages with more
expressive type and proof systems and in enhancing and formally certifying the trustworthiness of languages
and their implementations.
Large software systems consist of hundreds or thousands of components, and many of these may be of
uncertain origin. To ensure reliable and secure operation, it is important to defend against faulty or malicious
code. Statically-typed programming languages provide facilities for information hiding--type abstraction
mechanisms like existential types (the basis of abstract data types or ADTs) and parametric polymorphism--
that make large-scale software development feasible by allowing programmers to write modular and secure
code. If access to some private implementation detail might enable an attack, then this detail is made in-
accessible by hiding it behind an abstract interface (for instance, using an existential type). The theoretical
justification for this comes from relational parametricity, a strong semantic property that guarantees repre-
sentation independence--i.e., that the behavior of a client (or attacker) of an ADT cannot depend on the
representation and implementation details hidden behind the abstract type.
Unfortunately, type abstraction does not always guarantee information hiding in practice. One issue is
that in languages with references (mutable memory cells), it is possible to establish covert channels through
which attackers can discover information about the "hidden" representation of an abstract type. This is pos-
sible because current type systems do not provide effective mechanisms for keeping references used internally


Source: Ahmed, Amal - School of Informatics, Indiana University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences