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EPRGWORKINGPAPERNON-TECHNICALSUMMARY A Market Between us: Reducing the Political

A Market Between us: Reducing the Political
Cost of Europe's Dependence on Russian
EPRG Working Paper 0916
Pierre Nol
The conventional wisdom, at least in foreign policy circles, posits a direct and
necessary relationship between the level of `dependence' of Europe on Russian
gas and the existence or severity of threats to its political unity and strategic
autonomy towards Russia. Europe, so goes the idea, would improve its ability to
defend its collective interest vis--vis Russia if it reduced its reliance, absolute or
relative, on Russian gas.
Since 1990 there has been an impressive reduction in the relative dependence of
the EU on Russian gas and the volumes imported from Russia have not grown
since 2000. Yet at the same time the perception that Russian gas presents Europe
with one of its most pressing geopolitical challenges has spread and deepened.
We propose a new approach emphasising the large differences between Eastern
and Western Europe in terms of dependence on Russian gas and the
segmentation of the European gas system along national borders. We conclude
that the emergence of a single European gas market, where national markets


Source: Aickelin, Uwe - School of Computer Science, University of Nottingham


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences