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CAMPAIGN UW: CREATING FUTURES The "Talking Toaster" generated a hot buzz in Com-

The "Talking Toaster" generated a hot buzz in Com-
puter Science & Engineering's senior capstone design
course in spring 1996. Voice-activated and programmed
to respond to instructions and talk back (no need to set
dials or push levers), the popular gizmo remains firmly
and fondly embedded in CSE's cultural memory and in
video format on the department's website.
Its co-designer, Corin ("Corey") Anderson, recently
set off another buzz around CSE when he simultaneously
established both fellowship and scholarship endowments
with a substantial gift through the UW's new Students
First program (page 7). Now a software engineer at
Google, he is, at age 29, CSE's youngest donor at this
level. With a 50 percent match from the UW, his endow-
ments will support undergraduate and graduate students
each year, in perpetuity.
Corey earned bachelor's degrees in math and com-
puter science in 1996 and a PhD in computer science in
2002. As an undergrad he explored computer graphics,


Source: Anderson, Richard - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington at Seattle


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences