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MAMMALOGY -BIO. 525 Spring, 2008

Summary: MAMMALOGY - BIO. 525
Spring, 2008
As stated in the Catalog, completion of the English Placement Test and Writing Competency requirements
is a prerequisite for all upper division biology courses. The specific prerequisite for this course is
Principles of Organismal Biology (Bio 201B). These requirements do not apply to graduate students
enrolled in the course.
This course is an overview that explores various aspects of mammalian biology. Although natural history,
ecology, evolutionary history, cellular level functions, etc. will be mentioned, the organismic level is the
primary focus of this course. Rather than covering any subject in great depth, the course provides a basic,
broad understanding of Mammalia. The lectures deal with topics such as the origin and zoogeography of
mammals, their basic reproductive biology, temperature and water regulation, social systems, locomotion,
etc. The labs concentrate very heavily on the systematics, classification, and identification of mammals,
although topical subjects such as specimen preparation, reproduction, and locomotion are included.
There are three non-comprehensive lecture exams and three non-comprehensive lab exams. The lecture
exams are short answer and essay. Copies of old lecture exams are in this manual. Lab exams consist of
50 questions concerning mostly taxonomic identifications. Keys of your own design are required for lab
exams for taxonomic identifications only (not for anatomy, etc.). Either a term paper on a subject
approved by the instructor, a lecture delivered to the class, or the mounting of 10 mammal skins of at least
6 different species must be completed by each student. The mounting option includes the trapping and
preparation of skins, unless specimens are available from other sources. The papers and skins may be


Source: Archibald, J. David - Department of Biology, San Diego State University


Collections: Biology and Medicine; Geosciences