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Voyager Observations of Diffuse Ultraviolet Light Shortward of Lyman Alpha

Summary: Voyager Observations of Diffuse Ultraviolet
Light Shortward of Lyman Alpha
Richard Conn Henry,
Maryland Space Grant Consortium
Jayant Murthy,
Indian Institute of Astrophysics
& Jay B. Holberg
Lunar & Planetary Lab., U. of Arizona
At high galactic latitudes, and remarkably enough, even at low galactic latitudes, many of our 430
Voyager spectra of the diffuse cosmic ultraviolet background show only an upper limit at the
very low value indicated in this figure. At longer ultraviolet wavelengths (left in the figure)
and extending into the visible (three solid filled circles) the diffuse background is much higher,
and fits an unconventional model for radiation from recombination of intergalactic hydrogen (thin
line). At X-ray energies (right part of figure), boxes indicate measurements of diffuse
background due to hot interstellar gas and, perhaps, hot intergalactic gas. The thin line farthest
to the right is the X-ray background discovered by Riccardo Giacconi. In this paper we discuss the
Voyager ultraviolet background observations; in another paper, Wilton T. Sanders, Richard Conn
Henry, and the BEST MIDEX-proposal team describe instrumentation which could elucidate
observationally the intriguing results that are discussed here.


Source: Henry, Richard C.- Department of Physics and Astronomy, Johns Hopkins University


Collections: Physics