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284 Robert P. Adams rev 2/2011 Juniperus sabina

Summary: 284 Robert P. Adams rev 2/2011
Juniperus sabina
Juniperus sabina is a variable species that spans a very large geographic range. Schwarzbach et el. (in
prep.) sequenced samples of J. sabina from an extended range and found J. sabina from Switzerland and
J. sabina var. mongolensis from
Mongolia to be in separate clades
from J. sabina vars. arenaria and
davurica (Fig. 5.4.2). The clades
were moderately well supported
(Fig. 5.4.2). Adams et al. (2007)
examined the variation using
terpenes and RAPDs analysis and
found them to be concordant with
the sequence data. In addition,
neither RAPDs, terpenoids, nor
DNA sequence data (Fig. 5.4.2)
support including J. erectopatens
within J. sabina.
However, there are still
specimens with questionable


Source: Adams, Robert P. - Department of Biology, Baylor University


Collections: Biology and Medicine