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Topical Lunch Summary Organizers: Chris Barrett, Alex Travis, Wendy Wolford

Summary: Topical Lunch Summary
Organizers: Chris Barrett, Alex Travis, Wendy Wolford
February 8, 2012
Prospective Proposal to USAID on Critical Issues in Contemporary Agrarian and Rural Developmen
A large group of approximately 27 people gathered to discuss the USAID Higher Education Solutions
Network draft RFA and the prospect of a Cornell proposal to this new five year program. We discussed
participation in consortia versus a single university center. The consensus of this group was that our
efforts would be targeted at a proposal for a single university center. The group spent time discussing
the merits of preplanned, specific content to the proposal program versus a specific process for
(competitively) selecting specific subprojects in the proposed program, or a hybrid of the two and
seemed to lean toward a hybrid model. Most of the time was spent discussing key, compelling
questions/issues around which the proposal might be structured. Part of that discussion involved
reviewing some of the major science-based innovations for the developing world that Cornell has made
in recent years and opportunities for scale-up. Another important thread of the discussion revolved
around appropriate countries and sites for such a project, as well as partners. There was broad-based
agreement on the value of a multidisciplinary focus on rural development writ large, coupled with
capacity building and playing up the extensive external partnerships Cornell has for guiding and diffusing
innovation in various regions of the world.


Source: Angenent, Lars T. - Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University


Collections: Renewable Energy; Engineering