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UCSD Quarterly Status Report: Summer 2011 Current Major Projects1

Summary: UCSD Quarterly Status Report: Summer 2011
Current Major Projects1
(as of July 1, 2011)
Prepared by Capital Planning Page 1 of 3
Project Team
Status Project Name Plant New ASF Reno ASF Occupancy Total Cost3
Capital Planning FD&C/FM Physical Planning Activity
Initial Planning Biological and Physical Sciences Building 963240 51,000 0 Feb-17a
$89,366,000 Fladd (x40503) Smith (x45343) Pitman (x23791) No activity planned
Campus Life Safety Improvementsb
966176 0 0 Apr-15a
$21,946,000 Winter TBD Pitman (x23791) No activity planned
Preliminary Plans SIO Research Support Facilities 962560 21,300 0 Oct-13 $6,384,000 Baniqued (x43507) Lord Delouri (x20150) Continue preliminary plans
Construction Management School Facility Phase 2 963480 48,772 0 Jul-12 $47,219,000 Winter (x45699) Downs (x44094) Clossin (x44589)
Structural & Materials Engineering Building 962630 110,593 0 Aug-12 $82,496,000 Winter (x45699) Smith (x45343) Clossin (x44589)
Telemedicine & PRIME-HEq Education Facility 963250 61,195 0 Sep-11 $65,026,000 Winter (x45699) Rowland (x20725) Pitman (x23791)
UCSDMC Hillcrest Seismic Improvements, Phase 2 968750 0 0 Oct-11 $43,454,000 Fladd (x40503) Onufer Pitman (x23791)
Total State4


Source: Abagyan, Ruben - School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of California at San Diego


Collections: Biology and Medicine