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Customizable Fault Tolerance for Wide-Area Replication

Summary: Customizable Fault Tolerance
for Wide-Area Replication
Yair Amir1
, Brian Coan2
, Jonathan Kirsch1
, John Lane1
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD. {yairamir, jak, johnlane}@cs.jhu.edu
Telcordia Technologies, Piscataway, NJ. coan@research.telcordia.com
Technical Report CNDS-2007-1 - May 2007
Constructing logical machines out of collections of physical machines is a well-known technique for improving
the robustness and fault tolerance of distributed systems. We present a new, scalable replication architecture, built
upon logical machines specifically designed to perform well in wide-area systems spanning multiple sites. The
physical machines in each site implement a logical machine by running a local state machine replication protocol,
and a wide-area replication protocol runs among the logical machines. Implementing logical machines via the state
machine approach affords free substitution of the fault tolerance method used in each site and in the wide-area
replication protocol, allowing one to balance performance and fault tolerance based on perceived risk.


Source: Amir, Yair - Department of Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences