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Use of Image Analysis in Determination of Strain Distribution During Geosynthetic Tensile Testing

Summary: Use of Image Analysis in Determination of Strain
Distribution During Geosynthetic Tensile Testing
Ahmet H. Aydilek, M.ASCE1
; Murat Guler2
; and Tuncer B. Edil, M.ASCE3
Abstract: Determining the deformation response of geosynthetics under load is important in developing an in-depth understanding of
the engineering behavior of these materials. Current strain determination methods employed as part of tensile tests mostly assume that the
strain is uniform throughout the specimen and, hence, are incapable of determining local strains. Geosynthetics have occasionally been
instrumented with strain gauges and extensometers; however, these direct contact methods have limitations in fully defining strain
distributions in a test specimen. Recent technological advancements in image analysis offer great potential for a more accurate and
noncontact method of determining strains. An image-based particle tracking method was used to define the strain distribution in various
geosynthetics during wide-width tensile testing. The method used a block-based matching algorithm functioning under LABVIEW. The
measured gross strain values were compared to those determined from strain gauges and extensometers. The strain values determined by
these methods were comparable to the image-based ones, and the absolute value of the difference was less than 10% for the geosynthetics
tested. Furthermore, the image-based analysis was effective in also determining the local strains.
DOI: 10.1061/ ASCE 0887-3801 2004 18:1 65
CE Database subject headings: Image analysis; Strain distribution; Deformation; Geosynthetics.
Geosynthetics are plastic polymeric materials and used in a vari-
ety of geotechnical applications. In many design applications, in-


Source: Aydilek, Ahmet - Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Maryland at College Park


Collections: Engineering