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J. Eukaryut. Microbiol.. 51(3). 2004 p. 374 0 2004 by the Society of ~otozoo~ogiStS

Summary: J. Eukaryut. Microbiol.. 51(3). 2004 p. 374
0 2004 by the Society of ~otozoo~ogiStS
Adl, Sina M. 2003. The Ecology of Soil Decomposition. CAB1
Publishing, Wallingford, United Kingdom. 335p. Price: US
This is a an interesting treatment of major concepts and is-
sues in the ecology of soil decompositioncomposed in a format
and written in a style that should be attractive to newcomers as
well as establishedresearchers in the field. The book is divided
into six chapters encompassingthe major biota involved in de-
composition and the environmental and ecological principles
that are foundational to the science. The chapter titles are: 1.
The Saprotrophs,2. The Habitat, 3. Samplingand Enumeration,
4. Reconstructing the Soil Food Web, 5. Spatial and Temporal
Patterns, and 6. Integrating the Food Web. In each chapter,
major scientific terms and concepts are printed in bold font
making them easy to locate and most are succinctly defined or
explained when introduced. Each chapter ends with a useful
summary and a list of references suggested for further reading.


Source: Adl, Sina - Department of Biology, Dalhousie University


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology