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Reactivation of an Archean craton: Constraints from P-and S-wave tomography in North China

Summary: Reactivation of an Archean craton: Constraints from P- and S-wave
tomography in North China
Liang Zhao,1
Richard M. Allen,2
Tianyu Zheng,1
and Shu-Huei Hung3
Received 25 June 2009; revised 24 July 2009; accepted 28 July 2009; published 4 September 2009.
[1] The unusual reactivation of the North China Craton
(NCC) challenges the classical views concerning the
strength and stability of cratonic lithosphere. By using
teleseismic body-waves recorded at 250 seismic stations,
this paper presents high-resolution North China Models of
P- and S-wave velocity based on finite-frequency kernel
tomography. Both P- and S-wave velocity models reveal
that: (1) an obvious NS trending narrow low-velocity
region is located at the base of the lithosphere beneath the
Central Block (CB) of the NCC, which extends to more
than 500 km depth; (2) a region of high-velocity extends to
more than 250300 km depth beneath the Western Block,
in contrast to the much shallower high-velocity zones


Source: Allen, Richard M. - Seismological Laboratory, Department of Earth and Planetary Science, University of California at Berkeley


Collections: Geosciences