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Byzantine and Multi-writer K-Quorums Amitanand S. Aiyer1

Summary: Byzantine and Multi-writer K-Quorums
Amitanand S. Aiyer1
, Lorenzo Alvisi1
, and Rida A. Bazzi2
Department of Computer Sciences,
The University of Texas at Austin
{anand, lorenzo}@cs.utexas.edu
Computer Science and Engineering Department,
Arizona State University
Abstract. Single-writer k-quorum protocols achieve high availability without
incurring the risk of read operations returning arbitrarily stale values: in partic-
ular, they guarantee that, even in the presence of an adversarial scheduler, any
read operation will return the value written by one of the last k writes. In this
paper, we expand our understanding of k-quorums in two directions: first, we
present a single-writer k-quorum protocol that tolerates Byzantine server fail-
ures; second, we extend the single-writer k-quorum protocol to a multi-writer
solution that applies to both the benign and Byzantine cases. For a system with


Source: Alvisi, Lorenzo - Department of Computer Sciences, University of Texas at Austin


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences