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Exact Analysis of Single-Wavelength Optical Buffers With Feedback

Summary: Exact Analysis of Single-Wavelength
Optical Buffers With Feedback
Markov Fluid Queues
Huseyin Emre Kankaya and Nail Akar
Abstract--Optical buffering via fiber delay lines is
used for contention resolution in optical packet and
optical burst switching nodes. This article addresses
the problem of exactly finding the blocking probabili-
ties in an asynchronous single-wavelength optical
buffer. Packet lengths are assumed to be variable and
modeled by phase-type distributions, whereas the
packet arrival process is modeled by a Markovian ar-
rival process that can capture autocorrelations in in-
terarrival times. The exact solution is based on the
theory of feedback fluid queues for which we propose
numerically efficient and stable algorithms. We not
only find the packet blocking probabilities but also
the entire distribution of the unfinished work in this
system from which all performance measures of in-
terest can be derived.


Source: Akar, Nail - Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Bilkent University


Collections: Engineering