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On the early release of Burst-Control Packets in Optical Burst-Switched networks

Summary: On the early release of Burst-Control Packets in
Optical Burst-Switched networks
Jos´e Alberto Hern´andez and Javier Aracil
Universidad Aut´onoma de Madrid
Ctra. Colmenar Viejo, km. 15, 28049 Madrid, Spain
[Jose.Hernandez, Javier.Aracil]@uam.es,
WWW home page: http://www.ii.uam.es/~networking
Abstract. In Optical Burst-Switched networks, the so-called Burst-
Control Packet is sent a given offset-time ahead of the optical data burst
to advertise the imminent burst arrival, and reserve a time-slot at each
intermediate node to allocate the incoming optical burst. This work pro-
poses a methodology to estimate the number of packets to arrive in a
given amount of time, in order to make it possible to send the BCP packet
straightafter the first packet arrival and reduce the latency experienced
during the burst-assembly process.
The following studies the impact of a wrong guess in terms of over-
reservation of resources and waiting-time at the assembler, providing a
detailed characterisation of their probability density functions. Addition-
ally, a case example in a scenario with non-homogeneous Poisson arrivals
is analysed and it is shown how to choose the appropriate burst-assembly


Source: Rico, Javier Aracil - Departamento de Ingeniería Informática, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences