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C8 / Burkhardt 1 Research Project C8

Summary: C8 / Burkhardt
1 Research Project C8
Application of Digital Image Processing Methods for the Analysis of
Local Structures in Fluidized Bed Processes
Principal Investigator: Prof. Dr.­Ing. Hans Burkhardt
Scientist: Dipl.­Ing. Ariane Bredebusch
Project Start: January, 1th, 1994
2 State of the Art at the Time of Application and Goal of the Project
Plants based on the method of circulating fluidized bed (CFB) are used for com­
bustion as well as for chemical reactions where a solid catalyst should catalyse a
reaction with gaseous components. There is an interest in the modeling of the fluid
dynamical behaviour because the fluid dynamic influences the heat transfer or the
efficiency of the chemical reaction. This modeling has to be based on measurements.
While one can model the overall behaviour of the plant with the help of integrating
measurements like the mass flux or the results of suction probes, more local mea­
surements are needed for the understanding of the nature of the dynamic behaviour
inside the riser.
Because of this there have been several approaches for local measurements in cir­
culating fluidized bed reactors. Tomographic approaches are discussed in [4]. The


Source: Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Institut für Informatik,, Lehrstuhls für Mustererkennung und Bildverarbeitung


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences