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Verification of Rewrite Based Specifications using Proof Thomas Mailleux Sant'Ana1

Summary: Verification of Rewrite Based Specifications using Proof
Thomas Mailleux Sant'Ana1
and Mauricio Ayala-Rinc´on1
Mestrado em Inform´atica e Departamento de Matem´atica,
Universidade de Bras´ilia, Bras´ilia D. F., Brasil.
mailleux@gmx.net, ayala@mat.unb.br
Abstract. Recent works point out the application of rewriting-logic environ-
ments for the specification of hardware. When these specification are proved to
be correct one can additionally apply them for the simulation, testing and even
analysis of the conceived specified hardware. But theorem proving mechanisms
are not included as basic/natural components of rewriting-logic environments
(such as ELAN, CafeObj and Maude). Even worst, they are not able to handle
proofs guided by basic methods of rewriting theory. Consequently, the correct-
ness of these specifications have been done by hand. In this work we present a
new practical methodology, which is based on a semantically intelligent trans-
lation of rewriting-logic specifications in ELAN to theories in the specification
language PVS(a well-known proof assistant). This translation includes gener-
ation of lemmas to be checked for guaranteeing the joinability of critical pairs


Source: Ayala-Rincón, Mauricio - Departamento de Matemática, Universidade de Brasília


Collections: Mathematics