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Master Course Experimental Physics 4 (MKEP4) Environmental Physics

Summary: 1
Master Course Experimental Physics 4 (MKEP4)
Environmental Physics
Werner Aeschbach-Hertig, Summer Term 2011
Lecture: INF 229, SR 108/110, Tue. and Thur. 14-16.
Exercises: INF 229, SR 108/110, Mo 9-11 (Balschbach, Wagenbach)
Webpage: http://www.iup.uni-heidelberg.de/institut/studium/lehre/MKEP4
Description of the Lecture
a) Formalities
The 4-SWS lecture ,,Environmental Physics" is designed as the basic introductory course into
the field of environmental physics for students of physics (aiming for a BSc or MSc degree or
a state examination) at Heidelberg University. It provides the fundamentals of the field of
environmental physics and thus constitutes the formal prerequisite for all other courses in
this field. It forms one of the core courses in the MSc-program of the Department of Physics
and Astronomy in Heidelberg, of which the students have to choose at least two. It is
mandatory for MSc-students who wish to specialise in environmental physics.
The lecture is recommended for BSc candidates from their 4th
term onwards and for MSc
students in their 1st
term. The contents of the basic program of the first three bachelor


Source: Aeschbach-Hertig, Werner - Institut für Umweltphysik, Universität Heidelberg


Collections: Geosciences; Environmental Sciences and Ecology