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MATLAB PrimerThird Edition Kermit Sigmon

Summary: MATLAB PrimerThird Edition
Kermit Sigmon
Department of Mathematics
University of Florida
Department of Mathematics University of Florida Gainesville, FL 32611
Copyright c 1989, 1992, 1993 by Kermit Sigmon
On the Third Edition
The Third Edition of the MATLAB Primer is based on version 4.0 4.1 of MATLAB.
While this edition re ects an extensive general revision of the Second Edition, most sig-
ni cant is the new information to help one begin to use the major new features of version
4.0 4.1, the sparse matrix and enhanced graphics capabilities.
The plain TEX source and corresponding PostScript le of the latest printing of the
MATLAB Primer are always available via anonymous ftp from:
Address: math.ufl.edu Directory: pub matlab Files: primer.tex, primer.ps
You are advised to download anew each term the latest printing of the Primer since minor
improvements and corrections may have been made in the interim. If ftp is unavailable
to you, the Primer can be obtained via listserv by sending an email message to list-
serv@math.ufl.edu containing the single line send matlab primer.tex.
Also available at this ftp site are both English primer35.tex, primer35.ps and


Source: Anshelevich, Michael - Department of Mathematics, Texas A&M University
DeCarlo, Doug - Department of Computer Science, Rutgers University
Dyer, Charles R. - Department of Computer Sciences, University of Wisconsin at Madison
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Media Laboratory, Software Agents Group
Pugh, Mary - Department of Mathematics, University of Toronto


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences; Engineering; Mathematics; Physics