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CHEN 3650 -Lab 1 -A Tour of MATLAB Part A Computer Exercise

Summary: CHEN 3650 - Lab 1 - A Tour of MATLABŪ
Part A ­ Computer Exercise
This laboratory exercise is is aimed at giving you practice with mathematical solutions
to functions and ODEs and review the use of MATLABŪ
for those purposes.
Consider the problems specified below. Use MATLABŪ
to solve as appropriate and
answer the questions from part B.
1. Using the van der Waals equation given below, compute the compressibility fac-
tor, Z for gas phase air at 180 K and the 12 different pressures (in bar) specified
below. The correct values for a, b and R in self consistent units are shown be-
low. Also shown below are the literature values for the compressibility factor (for
comparison). Note that Z = P V
. Make a short comment about your results.
P =
V - b


Source: Ashurst, W. Robert - Department of Chemical Engineering, Auburn University


Collections: Materials Science