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Mem. S.A.It. Suppl. Vol. 2, 150 c SAIt 2003

Summary: Mem. S.A.It. Suppl. Vol. 2, 150
c SAIt 2003
Memorie della
Low atmosphere turbulence at Dome C
preliminary results
T. Travouillon , M.C.B. Ashley M.G. Burton , J. Lawrence and J.W.V. Storey
School of physics, University of New South Wales, Sydney, NSW 2052, Australia
e-mail: tonyt@phys.unsw.edu.au
Abstract. We discuss the first two months of low altitude atmospheric turbulence
at the Antarctic site of Dome C. Using a mini-SODAR, the first 890m of the
atmosphere were sampled. It was found that between 9 Feb and 17 Apr 2003, the
turbulence was concentrated below a 120m boundary layer that exhibited a clear
diurnal cycle. This boundary layer height is less than half as thick as that at the
South Pole (270m) as measured by the same instrument. It was also found that
for the same period, the ground level wind at Dome C was also half that at the
South Pole.
Key words. Site testing Atmospheric turbulence Remote Sensing
1. Introduction
One of the major atmospheric parameters


Source: Ashley, Michael C. B. - School of Physics, University of New South Wales


Collections: Physics