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From Data to Models: General Frameworks for Data-driven Hypothesis

Summary: From Data to Models: General
Frameworks for Data-driven Hypothesis
G iGeneration
I.P. Androulakis
Biomedical Engineering Department
Chemical & Biochemical Engineering Department
It's good to be back!
From Data Models
What is it ?
Why now ?
A prototypical example: Systems Biologyp yp p y gy
NSF's Cyber-enabled Discovery & InnovationNSF s Cyber enabled Discovery & Innovation
From Data to Models: What is it?
Disclaimer: this a rather philosophical discussion so I would not necessarily spend too
much time thinking about this page. However, it may be useful to set the stage
From Data to Knowledge
It is an undeniable fact that data is everywhere and we have to do
something with it ... not sure what sometimes
- Beer and nappies A data mining urban legend


Source: Androulakis, Ioannis (Yannis) - Biomedical Engineering Department & Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Rutgers University


Collections: Engineering; Biology and Medicine