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On Generalized Connection Caching Susanne Albers

Summary: On Generalized Connection Caching
Susanne Albers£
Cohen et al. [5] recently initiated the theoretical study of connection caching in the world-wide
web. They extensively studied uniform connection caching, where the establishment cost is uni-
form for all connections [5, 6]. They showed that ordinary paging algorithms can be used to derive
algorithms for uniform connection caching and analyzed various algorithms such as Belady's rule,
LRU and Marking strategies. In particular, in [5] Cohen et al. showed that LRU yields a “¾ ½µ-
competitive algorithm, where is the size of the largest cache in the network. In [6], they investigated
Marking algorithms with different types of communication among nodes and presented deterministic
-competitive algorithms.
In this paper we study generalized connection caching, also introduced in [5], where connections
can incur varying establishment costs. This model is reasonable because the cost of establishing a
connection depends, for instance, on the distance of the nodes to be connected and on the congestion
in the network. Algorithms for ordinary weighted caching can be used to derive algorithms for gener-
alized connection caching. We present tight or nearly tight analyses on the performance achieved by
the currently known weighted caching algorithms when applied in generalized connection caching.
In particular we give online algorithms that achieve an optimal competitive ratio of . Our deter-
ministic algorithm uses extra communication while maintaining open connections. We develop a
generalized algorithm that trades communication for performance and achieves a competitive ratio


Source: Albers, Susanne - Institut für Informatik, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences