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Nonequilibrium generation of information in copolymerization processes

Summary: Nonequilibrium generation of information
in copolymerization processes
David Andrieux* and Pierre Gaspard
Center for Nonlinear Phenomena and Complex Systems, Universite´ Libre de Bruxelles, Code Postal 231, Campus Plaine, B-1050 Brussels, Belgium
Edited by Stuart A. Rice, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, and approved May 8, 2008 (received for review February 29, 2008)
We consider general fluctuating copolymerization processes, with
or without underlying templates. The dissipation associated with
these nonequilibrium processes turns out to be closely related to
the information generated. This shows in particular how informa-
tion acquisition results from the interplay between stored patterns
and dynamical evolution in nonequilibrium environments. In ad-
dition, we apply these results to the process of DNA replication.
DNA replication entropy production nonequilibrium fluctuations
The origin of biological information is one of the major
challenges for our understanding of living organisms. Since
the discovery of DNA, the biochemical support for the storage
of genetic information has been known. DNA is a copolymer that
keeps the memory of information on the living organism in its
structure. This molecular structure is stable at ambient temper-


Source: Andrieux, David - Service de Physique Non-Linéaire and Mécanique Statistique, Université Libre de Bruxelles


Collections: Physics; Biology and Medicine