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Chemical Engineering Analysis CHEN 3650 Spring 2012 Policy on Electronic Submission of Course

Summary: Chemical Engineering Analysis
CHEN 3650 Spring 2012 Policy on Electronic Submission of Course
The purpose of this policy is to enable the facile collection, processing and retention of student
work submitted electronically. It is required that these rules be strictly adhered to for all electronic
submissions, including exam or final exam work. Failure to comply with any submission requirement
will result in no credit for the electronic portion of the assignment. No notification of unacceptablilty
will be provided. No exceptions will be granted.
File naming: When an assignment states that electronic submission is required, all files generated
in conjunction with that assignment are to be transmitted by email to the instructor. These
files MUST employ the specified naming convention. Files which do not follow the naming
convention will not be accepted, and zero credit for the assignment will be recorded.
1. All characters in all filenames must be lower-case
2. Elements of the filename must be separated by underscores " " (not spaces, not dashes,
not colons).
3. The first element of the filename is your seven character email-id (university computer
4. The second element of the filename is the assignment identification (see below for exam-
ples of the required designations.
5. The third element of the filename (if required) is any special designation (see below).


Source: Ashurst, W. Robert - Department of Chemical Engineering, Auburn University


Collections: Materials Science