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Constellation Precoded Beamforming Hong Ju Park and Ender Ayanoglu

Summary: Constellation Precoded Beamforming
Hong Ju Park and Ender Ayanoglu
Center for Pervasive Communications and Computing
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
University of California, Irvine
Email: hjpark@uci.edu, ayanoglu@uci.edu
Abstract--We present and analyze the performance of con-
stellation precoded beamforming. This multi-input multi-output
transmission technique is based on the singular value decom-
position of a channel matrix. In this work, the beamformer is
precoded to improve its diversity performance. It was shown
previously that while single beamforming achieves full diver-
sity without channel coding, multiple beamforming results in
diversity loss. In this paper, we show that a properly designed
constellation precoder makes uncoded multiple beamforming
achieve full diversity order. We also show that partially precoded
multiple beamforming gets better diversity order than multiple
beamforming without constellation precoder if the subchannels
to be precoded are properly chosen. We propose several criteria
to design the constellation precoder. Simulation results match the


Source: Ayanoglu, Ender - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of California, Irvine


Collections: Engineering