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Teaching Academy -Class of 2007 -

Summary: Teaching Academy
- Class of 2007 -
(L-R back row): Gregg Coyle, Janet Frick, Jodi Holschuh, Marguerite Brickman, and
Nelson Hilton. (front row): Sid Thompson, Linda Bamber and Ann Hollifield.
Not pictured: Margaret Graham.
Linda S. Bamber, Accounting
The most rewarding words I can hear from a student is that he or she has achieved
and grown more than they would have believed possible. . . While I hold students to
high standards, they know that I hold myself to equally high standards. For
example, I not only learn students' names, but I also learn about their prior work
experiences, so I can illustrate the importance and/or practical application of the
day's topic in the context the individual student's experiences.
Marguerite Brickman, Plant Biology
After teaching at the college level for the past decade, I am just now becoming an
effective instructor. This is a humbling statement, and it should be. Admitting
failings and striving to improve are the essence of what makes a good teacher. It
takes decades of trial and error, of justifying why students should spend their time
learning what you have to teach, and of critically questioning your effectiveness
before it is possible to become a good teacher.


Source: Arnold, Jonathan - Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center & Department of Genetics, University of Georgia


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