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Hierarchical Poweraware Routing in Sensor Networks Qun Li, Javed Aslam, Daniela Rus

Summary: Hierarchical Power­aware Routing in Sensor Networks
Qun Li, Javed Aslam, Daniela Rus
Department of Computer Science
Dartmouth College
{liqun, jaa, rus}@cs.dartmouth.edu
This paper discusses online power­aware routing in large
sensor networks. We seek to optimize the lifetime of the
network. We develop an approximation algorithm called
max­min zPmin that has a good empirical competitive ra­
tio. To ensure scalability, we introduce a hierarchical algo­
rithm, which is called zone­based routing.
The proliferation of low­power analog and digital electronics
has created huge opportunities for the field of wireless com­
puting. It is now possible to deploy hundreds of devices of
low computation, communication and battery power. They
can create ad hoc networks and be used as distributed sen­
sors to monitor large geographical areas, as communica­
tion enables for field operations, or as grids of computation.


Source: Aslam, Javed - College of Computer Science, Northeastern University
Dartmouth College, Transportable Agents for Wireless Networks Group
Li, Qun - Department of Computer Science, College of William and Mary


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences; Engineering