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Deep..CwaRe~earchI ~,ol ..141No ~ pp 4,1--.-k~2.lq~3 (~'41,3"r/~';~l~III 4.-(p(]lJ PrintedmGreatBritain ~ |'.~13PergamonPressLid

Summary: Deep..CwaRe~earchI ~,ol ..141No ~ pp 4,1--.-k~2.lq~3 (~'41,3"r/~';~l~III 4.-(p(]lJ
PrintedmGreatBritain ~ |'.~13PergamonPressLid
Trends in copepod species abundances across and along a Gulf
Stream meander: evidence for entrainment and detrainment of
fluid parcels from the Gulf Stream
(RecetLed 20 May 1991, m re~tsed form 25 March 1992. accepted 14 Aprd 1992)
Abstract--Abundances of zooplankton populations are hypothesized to change across and along
Gulf Stream meanders m response to meander-assoctated physical processes. Upv~elhng and
north~,ard detra|nment of Gulf Stream water occur upstream of the meander crest (tradmg flank)
hile downwelhng and entrainment of Slope Water into the Gulf Stream occur dov.nstream of the
meander crest (leading flank) Two mesoscalc zooplankton surveys of a Gulf Stream meander were
conducted m autumn 1988 as part of the BIOSYNOP program to ,denuf) cross-stream trends anti
meander-associated changes m speocs abundances. The abundances of eight selected copepod
,,pectes (five Sargasso Sea specie,,, two Slope Water species and one wtde.sprcad ,~pecles) were
enumerated from samples taken along three transects at dtfferent Ioc:mons along the meander
The integrated abundances ((~I(I(X) m) of seven of the selected species support the hypothesized
cntra,nment and detra,nmcnt Sargasso Sea spcc=es were more abundant across Ihe upwelhng flank
titan across the downwelhng flank, whereas tile opposttc was truc for Slope Water species Spcctc,,
al'q.lntlallces Oil a tr:uhng tlank transect (upstrcan! of the ttp~,clhng region) demonstrate cllcctl~,c


Source: Ashjian, Carin - Biology Department, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology; Geosciences