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The equilibrium shape of an axisymmetric sessile drop subject to local stresses

Summary: The equilibrium shape of an axisymmetric sessile drop
subject to local stresses
S.J. Miklavcic
and P. Attard

Department of Science and Technology, Campus NorrkĻoping,
LinkĻoping University, S-601 74, NorrkĻoping, Sweden
Ian Wark Research Institute, The Levels Campus,
University of South Australia, Mawson Lakes, SA 5086, Australia.
June 17, 2001
The exact equation describing the shape of a fluid drop under the action of local surface
stresses induced by colloidal interactions is derived without resorting to any of the approxima-
tions inherent in the profile equation currently employed in the literature. The exact equation
implies, and numerical examples confirm, that repulsive external (i.e., positive) surface ener-
gies assist in stabilising the drop against deformation, while attractive (i.e., negative) energies
destabilise the drop, promoting or enhancing deformation. An inherent singularity in the gov-
erning differential equation (absent from the approximate equations currently used) when the
surface energy (surface tension) is identically matched by an external attractive energy repre-
sents an instability limit. Explicit bounds are established for a further instability criterion and


Source: Attard, Phil - School of Chemistry, University of Sydney


Collections: Chemistry