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Statistical Characterization of Complex Enclosures with Distributed Ports

Summary: Statistical Characterization of Complex Enclosures
with Distributed Ports
Abstract--A statistical model, the Random Coupling Model,
that describes the coupling of radiation into and out of large
electrical enclosures is described and generalized. Particular
attention is paid to the case in which the ports are electrically
large and described by multiple modes (distributed ports). We
find a compact expression for a model of the enclosure
impedance that can be used to generate probability distributions
for fields at the enclosure's ports. Results are of interest in the
evaluation of power leakage in complex metallic structures and
reverberation chambers, and the evaluation of the effectiveness
of shielding in the presence of apertures.
A statistical approach is often taken to describe the
excitation of and field distribution in complicated
electromagnetic enclosures [1-7]. The basic idea is that due to
a combination of the complexity of the geometry,
uncertainties in precise locations of boundaries or objects in
the enclosure, and the sensitive dependence of the fields to the


Source: Anlage, Steven - Center for Superconductivity Research & Department of Physics, University of Maryland at College Park


Collections: Materials Science