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www.elsevier.de/mambio Short communication

Summary: www.elsevier.de/mambio
Short communication
Genetic comparisons between Heteromys desmarestianus
and the recently described H. nubicolens (Rodentia:
Heteromyidae) in northwestern Costa Rica
By R.P. Anderson and S.A. Jansa
Department of Biology, City College of the City University of New York, New York, USA; Division of Vertebrate
Zoology (Mammalogy), American Museum of Natural History, New York, USA; and Department of Ecology,
Evolution, and Behavior and Bell Museum of Natural History, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, USA
Receipt of Ms. 9.11.2005
Acceptance of Ms. 2.4.2006
Key words: Heteromys, Costa Rica, cytochrome b, hybrid, spiny pocket mice
The subfamily Heteromyinae (spiny pocket
mice) represents a well-defined monophyletic
group within the rodent family Heteromyidae
(Hafner 1981; Hafner and Hafner 1983;
Wahlert 1991). Two extant genera, Hetero-
mys and Liomys, are recognized in the
Heteromyinae. Species of Heteromys inhabit
wet (typically evergreen) forests from south-


Source: Anderson, Robert P. - Department of Biology, City College, City University of New York


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology