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Polarization-mixing optical parametric oscillator Gal Kalmani and Ady Arie

Summary: Polarization-mixing optical parametric oscillator
Gal Kalmani and Ady Arie
Department of Physical Electronics, Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Aviv 69978, Israel
Pinhas Blau and Shaul Pearl
Electro Optics Division, Soreq NRC, Yavne 81800, Israel
Arlee V. Smith
Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87185-1423
Received March 8, 2005
We report the experimental realization of a new type of optical parametric oscillator in which oscillation is
achieved by polarization rotation in a linear retarder, followed by nonlinear polarization mixing. The mixing
is performed by a type II degenerate parametric downconversion in a periodically poled KTP crystal pumped
by a 1064 nm pulsed Nd:YAG pump. A single, linearly polarized beam, precisely at the degenerate wave-
length is generated. The output spectrum has a narrow linewidth (below the instrumentation bandwidth of
1 nm) and is highly stable with respect to variations in the crystal temperature. 2005 Optical Society of
OCIS codes: 190.4970, 190.4360.
Quasi-phase-matched frequency conversion using pe-
riodically poled crystals has proved to be a mature
technology for generating coherent light where con-
ventional lasers are unavailable. Optical parametric


Source: Arie, Ady - Department of Electrical Engineering-Physical Electronics, Tel Aviv University


Collections: Engineering