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PhotosbyUniversityofReginaPhotographyDepartment. The concept is simple. It starts with an empty black notebook.

Summary: PhotosbyUniversityofReginaPhotographyDepartment.
The concept is simple. It starts with an empty black notebook.
Next, University of Regina students, faculty and staff are given a
theme, known only to them, and three months to re-invent the
book. The end result? The Little Black Book Project.
Angel McDowell, project co-ordinator, says the concept was
inspired by the Sketchbook Project in Brooklyn, N.Y. The New
York project is similar in that participants fill their sketchbook
based on a theme but that's where the similarities end. The
twist in the Little Black Book Project is that the completed books
become part of a display and silent auction where visitors can
look through the books and bid on their favourites.
In the project's first year, each participant received a 5" x 7"
blank book with instructions to alter it in any way they saw fit.
The results yielded journals, photo albums, collage art, graffiti and
Now in its second year, 142 little black books are being re-
invented by employees and students across campus.
"The goal of the project was to bring the campus community
together through art and that's exactly what the project is doing,"


Source: Argerami, Martin - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Regina


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